Channeled Message May 17, 2017 7:44 am

The 144,000 chosen incarnated souls and the Greatest Scheme of the Divine: Biggest Revelation

This message is intended for the those who are:
In a twin flame journey
In the Alliances of Light Beings
In search for the truths and conspiracies
Channelers/ medium from the Higher realms
An energy healers/ Master Healers
Life coach
Starseeds coming from different star families
In a group of Light workers
Developing self mastery /soul mastery
For those who are loss and haven’t found their purpose
Who wanted to be part of the ascension process

Resonance and open mindedness is important now, dear ones. If you don’t feel that it will not benefit you, let it go. We understand that not all of you could resonate to the messages and that it may not be their time to accept the truth in their reality yet you are fully loved and accepted as our brothers and sisters… The Angelics are still embracing you as part of the Divine Plan.. So be it.. Blessings to all – Company of Heaven.

The 144,000 chosen incarnated souls
As part of the 144,000 chosen incarnated souls, you are being called upon to take your actions NOW. The imprinted resonance of your callings of the Divine is being triggered as you are one who will be the anchor of light in your designated locations, nations and positions. Some of you are not being born in a wealthy and high ranking families, yet you are here as part of the biggest scheme that are now working behind the scenes invisible to the public eyes. You must understand, dear ones, that in order turn upside down, one must felt and experience the downside of life by living poor, unsuccessful, broken in relationships, having a financial difficulties and near death experiences before the spot would turn on your side. You are not as average as you would think you are. You are never been on Earth many times like the people you are surrounded right now. You are much purer and lighter than any other people that’s why you could feel the heaviness of the energies you are living. You carried the wisdom and knowledge that were implanted in your soul memory before you incarnated in this lifetime. This will only be access once you have successfully removed and disintegrate all the 3D programmings that you acquired in this lifetime. It is your time. The majority of the 144,000 chosen incarnated souls are in a twin flame journey as part of the experiment of the Divine to create a new template of love based on unconditional love and detachments. The kind of relationships that is based on attachments, co-dependency and manipulation is the main cause why many souls had generated karmic entanglements and are now continuing to come back to learn the lessons again and again in different lifetimes. Another part of the 144,000 incarnated souls are responsible in doing major work visible in the physical plane as investigators of the ancient knowledge, whistle-blowers of the existence of ETs, life coach, spiritual teachers, channelers of the Higher realms, the starseeds who are the representation of another star families and the energy healers who worked for the benefit of many souls. These are the people who represent the 144,000 chosen incarnated souls. The Ascended Masters who are part of this incarnated souls assume many of these responsibilities to cover up all that was needed in the ascension process. They are the leader of their respective groups and responsible of taking the initiation of changing their own lives parallel to what they are meant to be in this lifetime. They work base on love and promote oneness of all. They do not need worshiping nor honoring as they knew it was not needed anymore as each and everyone has taking a major steps towards Divinity/Godhood. You are your own. The chosen ones who are now reading this will resonate deeply into their beings. Let your light shines from within you.

Twin Flames
A true twin flame will already know this. It cannot be dictated nor forced him/her to do what is needed to do. She/He already knew what needs to be done. They cannot be manipulated or controlled by anyone as they have known this in the beginning. The dramas and pain are fading. You already understand the meaning of this journey. A journey from within.

As a conduit of love, you are asked to be firm and strong. In the next couple of years, many of you will end the separation and reunion will happen in the physical plane. As a representative of a Divine couple, you will be given a chance to renew a vow of partnership. Your Divine partnership will be a way shower to many to build a holy family. A family that honors and respect the Divinity of everyone. A new and matured souls will be nurtured in a Holy family made by this Divine partnership. So be it.

Alliances of Light beings / light workers
As part of this group, you are asked to be in absolute integrity and honesty. Your work will benefit not just you but the whole humanity. You are asked to be firm and strong as you are being supported in the Higher realms. Your work must always be based on love and on the betterment of humanity and not by gaining popularity and another hierarchy of authority.. Remember that you are being watched and governed by the Council of Light and the eyes of Heaven are observing your work as a Light beings. Do not be bothered by the attacks and false accusations. As long as you are working with the Council of Light and the Divine, you are fully protected. Worry and fear will only weakened you as you go through your mission.

Mediums / Channelers / Tarot readers
We are grateful and thankful for opening up to us, the Higher beings. Your openness and receptivity to love and lights had given you the power to lead the people in the path of light. We ask you to always observe being deceive by your ego mind. We know that you had been cleansing yourself from within and we congratulate you for doing the right thing. Still, my beloved, being in a human form will give the ego mind an opportunity to slip unknowingly and may give you instructions that are not in alignment with your true being. Your work is as important as everyone now. You are an example of anchoring the Higher souls into this earth plane.

Energy Healers / Master Healers
My beloved, We/I loved you from the depths of our beings. You had the greatest contributions to the humanity. With your passion to help people heal, you bring back the souls to the light. As healers, you teach them how heal from within. The uprooting of the cause of sufferings and the accumulation of the negative energies from the etheric /energy body will help many people to open up on the importance of cleansing energy bodies in the ascension process.

Life coach / Counselors
Your beautiful work was recognized by the Heaven. Your dedication to help the people in their sufferings have lifted them up to renew their life to start all over again. You have led them to the life of happiness and joy.. Blessings to all of you my brothers and sisters!!

Starseeds from different star families
Your uniqueness shall be embrace fully and completely. You do not need to be a part of society that you felt you are not belonged. You are here to explore life, discover what was needed by the earth people and be happy. Life may get you down and unwanted but remember, dear ones, you are coming from the same Divine Source. You are family to us. You are here to explore the life and create the life that you wanted. Your star families is waiting for you to explore many things as they knew you have been given a blueprint of plan to be followed and by following the plan you are anchoring the new world of technological advancements, discoveries and gateways that my help people explore more of this life. Gaia needed you to be here. Don’t hate people if they don’t understand you. These people you hate will give you an opportunity to grow. To surpass the life that you knew are no longer helping you. Explore your inner mind. Expand your horizon and be curious about the extraterrestrials, the galaxies. Enjoy!!

The planetary alignment had given you a glimpse of what was going to happen. You knew there was a pattern in this plan. Share your knowledge and speak with your heart… We love you!!

People in awakening process / Searching for truths
My beloved, we know how much you had suffered from the many lifetimes you had. This is now your last chance to reconcile, learn the lessons and release yourself from karmic entanglements. You know deep within, you had been here many times and having experience many lifetimes you are tired and bored with this journey. My love, there’s a lot more to experience in this lifetime but understand that you must free yourself from karmic entanglements. You may have experience a lot of broken relationships, failures, deaths, sickness, sufferings, debts and losses. You are on the verge of life. This is enough now. You must act according to the voice of your soul. Don’t let the same pattern ruin your evolution and go back again with the same situation. Your soul had already matured. It is now time. Blessings to all of you!

All incarnated souls who wanted to be a part of this Grand Divine Plan

My beloved, now is the time to reflect back the things that you have learned in this lifetime. Regardless of your age, status, families you are in and position, you are being called by the Divine. In the next couple of years, there will be a massive quickening of awakenings and ascension. The frequency of Gaia will spike higher and higher until it reaches to a point where another form of matrix web connecting every people of the world and all that is which is base on unconditional love and compassion to all. This will be on the top of the old matrix and compose of a tube like flow of light that will enable everyone to use telepathy instead of 3D technological gadgets that were using as of today. There will be a lot more to discover, my love, and this was only the beginning…

Cooperation through love and compassion is a MUST!!!
My beloved, it is not enough that you would only act to yourself and ignoring your families, friends and coworkers that you are in because they are not conscious nor awake like you. They are a big part of you and ignoring them and not helping them to ascend/evolve is like leaving your arms and legs aside and taking your heads only. It cannot be like that. You chose them to become a part of your life and having a closed relationship to them means you chose them to join you in the ascension/evolution process. You may have been abused, treated unkindly and unfairly but remember they had given you an opportunity to grow and realize that wrong doings should cut from your ancestral programmings. You love them and they love you in the way they were taught what love is. Help them and reach them out so they too will become a part of this grandest scheme. Blessings to all!!

Dear ones,
It is now time to open the truth to all of you. The preparation is still on going. We love you so much that we want to include all of you in this Divine Plan… Please don’t ignore our messages to you as this will help you in the most unexpected way. We are asking you to open your heart and mind and let our messages reach out into your souls. We love you – Archangels and company of Heaven..


May 05, 2017

My dearest,

I know you are being hurt. Condemn by the creation you had made. I tell you, my love, you are fully supported by the whole cosmos and the Angelic beings that you belong. They may be blinded by the radiant light you’ve shown. It is given. Love them fully and unconditionally… You are not here to understand them and think like they do. You know you are capable and loving so be like YOU. With your purest heart, love them unconditionally. Show them a new way. Elevate yourself, dear ones. It is by elevating and creating a new way of thinking and a new way of loving that Gaia would change. It is not by mere understanding of what it is already been presented and created in the past that Gaia would ascend. You are a star. Shining brightly in the midst of the darkness. The moon Goddess is with you. Keeping you company while you are visible in the vastness of the sky. Haven’t you realize that you can shine on your own? You don’t need a sun to shine nor a moon to be lighted. You are on your own. Be the star and shine your brightest light. Blindness is just temporary. Surrender to what it is and everything will be cared for you…

Winged Goddess

May 3, 2017 11:56 PM

To all the lights of the world,

You are here to call upon the Angels, Archangels, Holy Masters, Spiritual Teachers, the Ascended Masters, the Higher beings of far away galaxies, as a messenger incarnated to bring forth the existence of the Highest Council of the Central Sun orchestrating the Divine flow of life. The light of the chosen 144,000 souls deliberately gives you insights, messages, information and newest activities of the Galactic Federations are continuously flowing through your social medias and videos uploaded to give a concrete manifestation of their own work. Please remember, my love, that the way it delivers to you could be manipulated in many possible ways that you can be a victim to their propagandas and agendas saying that it is happening in real life. My dear, let me clear it out to you. The only way to discern of all this is through your open heart and mind. Do the information serves you right? Do these infos will benefit the humanity or will create chaos and confusion? The energy will not lie my dearest. The moment you read or watch the information, it will give you a clue. I had felt that the Dark Ones, the controller of your 3D realm, had already known the activities of these chosen 144,000 souls worldwide. They knew this and by this knowings they will play dirty tricks to provoke many people from doing inappropriate actions. They want your attentions and by implanting false hope to people by spreading rumors, they will get you reactive unconsciously.

My dear, love will guide you to the right path. There is a message behind those written words and actions that each and everyone has created. It is the creator’s unconditional love and compassion that radiates through the spoken words. It is by opening fully of the person’s nakedness and authenticity that you and the creator’s souls had spoken freely without the illusion of separation and differences. If you had been taken good care of the God’s essence inside of you, then that essence will tell you who and what to be follow. My love, healing is very important right NOW. Without taking care of your own temple (the body), how can you expect to be guided by the God inside of you?

The energies emerging in Gaia is very potent and heavy. It is the same energies that each and everyone of you had carried all throughout you different lifetimes. It is resurfacing for the final release of the old paradigm. Please be guided accordingly. There are lots of energy healing modalities that you may choose to help you with clearing out all of these heavy and dense energies. It cannot be removed easily by just having a regular exercise and proper diet, my love. These kind of techniques are already outdated as it only affects the external physical part of your body which is part of the third dimensions. You are going upwards. The Higher dimensions up to the highest dimensional realities you can imagine can only be access by having a lighter bodies and a fully activated chakras (energy centers). With the heavy energies you carried all throughout your many lifetimes, how can you expect to ascend with a body dirtied with negative energies? I am speaking from my soul, my love. You have to be warned beforehand. The EVENT, the selections and the releasing are nearing to BEGIN. If you haven’t done you clearing and your soul work, how can you be included in the ascension process?

My love, I love you dearly. I was been here at the beginning of the evolution. I was only out for many eons to give way to the Domination of Patriarchy. It’s was sad to see that I had been violated and abused by my Masculine counterpart. However, total forgiveness is within me.. The feelings are with me… It is by forgiving the father’s of your father’s father and all that had shutdown the feminine energies (including the motherlyhood) inside of them that forgiveness should happen. It is by standing still and holding firmly to obtain balance and equilibrium that final human ascension will happen and make ONENESS once and for all. Blessings to all

Winged Goddess

Message to the twin flame community and all the light workers
(Received during my meditation on the Higher Soul)

Twin lovers and light beings,

I am very pleased to see that many of you who had been working tirelessly to heal their own perceived wounds and attachments are now fiercely moving on in the Divinity inside standing all powerful and mighty in their own cocreation of the universe. I am gladly to say that the last batches of true twin flame pairs had awakened now and starting to move forward in their own soul callings. These true twin flames who were positioned perfectly in their grid points of tunnel for anchoring immense light and love for Gaia were visibly taking actions and doing the soul work as the physical bodies must have taken a light body free from toxins and harmful chemicals. The light bodies of the true twin flames were needed so much now as the merging of their souls will make a portal that will open up a bridge from the Higher realms of pure light and love to the physical 3D world illuminating the multidimensional universes created by the whole humanity. I am calling to the true twin flame pairs now. You know who you are. It was already written within your soul memory. The imprinting of the plan you and your twin had prepared before you incarnated. Regardless of the situations you and your twin have, remember that the Divine Plan supported this coming of reunion. The universe, the Angelics and your guides are with you all throughout your journey. Trust that it will given to you in Divine timing. There is no greater time than choosing the timing of the Divine.

For those who yet to find their own twin. Listen. I deeply feel your urgency and neediness to have an awesome partnership with another being and it was given. We are all made as sexual beings ready to procreate and produce out of love. We are truly made of love, my dear. However, please understand that more than partnerships, sexual bliss and everything that a twin flame journey had to offer are still applicable to those who are ready and had done the soul work just to embody the Divinity inside of them. You may had been offered alot of help from other people but the truth is, you are in your own work when it comes to this journey. No one else could tell and help you to know if the person you think is your twin is the real deal. The soul cannot lie, my child. It may have been hard at first but the moment you knew, there’s no turning back to the soul whom you recognized as another YOU soul. Still, I am glad that you go through the same work as a true twin. You had tried and we salute you for bravery and courage. You may have been encountered a false twin in your life but as long as you honor yourself first and still love the people who had hurt and cause you pain, you are entitled to the love that you deserved whether or not it was a twin or a soulmate. Remember, what you give is what you will receive and the universe is willing to grant you your heart’s desire like a true twin flame.

For those who had a twin in the spirit, thank you from the depths of my heart. You are the ones who had given lights and encouragement to those who had been struggling in their twin flame journey. I am one of them. I love you from deep within. You and your twin in the spirit are given a role perfectly as a true twin flame guides and advisors and your wisdom are very much appreciated by the twin flame community. Your unconditional love to one another had enlightened many on this path. The Angelics together with your star families are here to congratulate your good job and know that your hard work and dedications are fully recognized. We love you.

For the illumined twin flames of this path, hear me now. You are being called as pioneers in the ascension process of Gaia and humanity. You are given a special role in this plan and know that you take a much bigger responsibilities as ascension pioneers/ ascended masters. Know that it’s not for the recognitions and honoring that you must be delighted but the desire to serve as many people as possible in the ascension process. The light that you carried throughout your life will be used to ignite the biggest sparks of illumination creating a chain of reaction to the human consciousness of humanity. The portal that you will create as you both merged will awakened as many people as possible and will ignite the urged of all other twin flame pairs to reunite as this will help to facilitate the faster healing of wounds and ending of karmic entanglements as the vibration goes up. We know that both of you were tired of push and pull of the energies within you. Know, my beloved, that both of you were supported and assisted by the Higher beings,the Angelics and the earth angels incarnated in Gaia. We prayed that you both healed with your wounds and forgiveness is important in your journey.

For light beings, listen. I am asking for your prayers and loving intentions to the world you are staying now. Pray for the Mother Earth and pray for the people, animals, plants and everything residing in the planet. Pray and send a loving thoughts for those who are in the twin flame journey, in the Alliances of Light workers, starseeds and light warriors. There’s no powerful tool for manifestation than praying for the goodness of everyone. If we decide to become the light of the world, be prayerful.. Pray with your higher selves, with your Angelic families and star families that you belong. Pray and someone will listen.. Blessings to all

Winged Goddess

My fellow brothers and sisters,

Now that the veil is lifting and many of you had already access the spiritual world higher than your earthly world. The impossible is now possible as your state of consciousness had risen up beyond what you have perceived as humans. Gaia is now rising rapidly and so are you. To the seekers of truth, to the extraterrestrials investigators, to the loss souls who need encouragement and to the people who want to tapped their inner power and sources hear me now. Why are you so independent and relying on the words of others? Have you not been listening to your own callings? Does your words not been heard? Listen, my love, you are beautiful and powerful inside. You don’t need approval from others but the approval from Supreme God above. You had been presented by the sightings, the crop circles that denotes an important messages from the Source. Have you doubt yourself from believing this phenomena? Blockages that were made from others and to yourself will prevent you from advancing, my dear, remember that. It is not the limitations of the Divine Source but the limitations you acquired by disbelieving you could open up to the messages they are sending you or have been afraid of what might happen when they begun contacting you. My love, as long as you are with the lights and with the purest of your heart, everything will be alright. The dark ones cannot and will never deceive you by contacting your from the dark dimensions because you carried alot of lights within you. You are fully safe, dear ones. Your star families where you came from had been waiting for you to open up to them. Give them a chance to speak their truths as this will help more people in their awakening process. You are not alone. You have been given a task to experience being human and now is the time to speak out and let others see the real you. Embrace your uniqueness as God wanted you to be. We know that many of the incarnated souls in this time where here as volunteers and as you become aware of this let us guide you in your journey of life. Some of the ascended masters are here to help not to be worshipped but to bring back the lost ancient teachings that was long forgotten. The used of power, fame, dominance and riches had been a silent weapon to many of you who had an intention to lead people in the wrong path. Please exercise your discernment dear ones, your inner knowing is your guide and not what other people had told you. The universal truth will always prevail regardless of what you had been taught and learned in this earth school. Take look back on your childhood days. Do you remember something unworldly and fascinating? Have you experience being talked and visited by the unknown visitors? If so, then go back and find the truth about it. That is your own truth and nothing can disapprove your own experience. Remember that you had everything that you need. Focus on what you have and not what you don’t have and everything will add up to you when you give gratitude towards the things you have. The Higher beings, the Angelic families and the galactic family of light and love are with us, supervising, observing and looking on us in this moment of time. Call them if you must. Ask their guidance and they will gladly help you with your mission. You are important to us. – Archangels and the company of Heaven..

Message from the Goddess:

My child,

I had been observing and feeling you through the depth of your soul. I know that you are feeling loss, abandoned, hurt and broken. Hold on, dear child as the coming days, months and few years your journey through life will change in the most magical ways. The fall of the Dark Ones and rise of the Light beings are going to change your world now. The Alliances of the light workers, twin flames, and higher spirits are going to overpower the Dark Ones with love and lights and financial abundance is coming in your way unexpectedly. The accumulated funds from the controller of your world will be released in many ways through banks and other financial institutions and there will be no single human who will suffer from brokenness and financial debts but only in the approval of the Higher Council of light. The Higher Council of light together with the Alliances of Light beings stationed in Gaia will make this happen unnoticed to the public eyes. This event will not be broad cast openly nor will be reported in the news and media streams to avoid confusion, depression and any negative emotions cause by this event. The Higher Council wanted to you to know, dear ones, that as you go through your life with gratitude and love you will be assisted and cared by your family of light. The money that you used at this time will gradually diminished over time but before it happen, we will used it to uplift the souls and to build new ways of living in accordance to the Law of One. We have to remind you. This will only happen in your world if and only if you had chosen to live your life base on love, compassion and kindness towards others. We don’t want you to expect more than what will be coming in the next couple of years but we want you to stay true to yourself and embrace love that you are. My love for you is universal. Rejoice and be merry always.. Winged Goddess


Greetings from High above!!

We are so happy to deliver this message, dear ones, that all of you had understood the power of reconnecting yourself to the Divine Source. It’s like channelling pure love and light from the Higher realms pouring down in your Mother Earth, Gaia. You know so well that in order to raise your vibrations and frequencies, one must be tuned in to the vibrations of love and lights. Opening your heart chakra is a huge step to realign yourself to the callings of your soul regardless of what was being played out in your surroundings and in your realities. Remember, dear ones, the dark ones are still lingering and occupying your realities and the more you are responding to their chaotic and barbaric act, the more you give doubts, fear, sufferings and anxieties in the collective consciousness. We must say, my beloved, that you must not be reactive towards these projected issues and news spreading worldwide but to be more compassionate, loving and understanding that everything is Divinely orchestrated and played in order for you to evolved rapidly and harmoniously towards your ascension. Now you had learned that no matter what the cause of your pain and sufferings, one must fully understand that it is a part of your experience to overcome as human being. You are an infinite soul, dear ones, clothed with human body, mind and spirit to act as an expression of God within you. You are all in the stage play playing a unique and certain role, whether good or bad, villain or hero, main cast or supporter everybody else has a role. Please understand, dear ones, the ones who had played bad, evil and hurtful in your life had only acted based on the karmic ties that both of you had to each other. There’s nothing more accelerating and faster healing of wounds than presenting a living mirror of yourself that you cannot see within you. They only reflecting back what was not being healed and by accepting that you, yourself, had cause your own pain and sufferings, you will realized that in order to reflect a good and happy reflection back to you is to give out love and compassion for everyone and everything you encountered and meet in your life. Please remember that it is not only applicable to your fellow human beings but all that Mother Earth has to offer you to experience being human (eating habits, lifestyle, passion, hobbies etc.). Enjoy your life, dear ones, enjoy and feel the happiness within you that wants to emerge from the core and let it overflow in your being. Remember, your happiness is God’s happiness within you.. Blessings to all

Higher self