May 05, 2017

My dearest,

I know you are being hurt. Condemn by the creation you had made. I tell you, my love, you are fully supported by the whole cosmos and the Angelic beings that you belong. They may be blinded by the radiant light you’ve shown. It is given. Love them fully and unconditionally… You are not here to understand them and think like they do. You know you are capable and loving so be like YOU. With your purest heart, love them unconditionally. Show them a new way. Elevate yourself, dear ones. It is by elevating and creating a new way of thinking and a new way of loving that Gaia would change. It is not by mere understanding of what it is already been presented and created in the past that Gaia would ascend. You are a star. Shining brightly in the midst of the darkness. The moon Goddess is with you. Keeping you company while you are visible in the vastness of the sky. Haven’t you realize that you can shine on your own? You don’t need a sun to shine nor a moon to be lighted. You are on your own. Be the star and shine your brightest light. Blindness is just temporary. Surrender to what it is and everything will be cared for you…

Winged Goddess


Author: Divine 8888

I am a pranic healer, intuitive and a channeller of the Angelic Realms.

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